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Use .NET and C# to create native apps for the billions of Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows devices around the world. Add to that sharing code with any .NET app, empowering you to be more productive and build apps faster than ever across all platforms.

Deploying and Running Your First C# .NET Xamarin Mobile App To read more about getting started with deployment on Windows for iOS, read the Microsoft Docs page on Xamarin.iOS and Windows. Go ahead and run the app on your platform of choice and soon you should see your first app, boom! Deploying to a physical Android device. So you have an Android phone and you want to deploy your app to it? Look no further! Can a Xamarin app run on a Windows PC? - Quora Ok, so let’s go with, it depends. * Xamarin.iOS apps run on the iPhone and the iPad. That’s kind of implied by the name. :-) * Xamarin.Android apps run on Android. That is also kind of obvious by the name. :-) * Xamarin.Forms is where you run into... Xamarin.Forms: Create Your First Xamarin App For iOS ... Here, we can see different projects for each platform i.e. Android, iOS, UWP (Universal Windows Platform), Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. And Portable is the Class library where we write all our common code base for all the platforms. Step 3 Inside the Portable class Library Projects, in App.cs we can see default code which is ready to run. c# - Windows Phone emulator with Xamarin - Stack Overflow

09.07.2017 · With Xamarin tools built into Visual Studio, developers can create native applications in C# for Windows, Mac and Linux devices. So instead of writing and managing three different codebases for three different platforms, developers can just write their code once and deploy it to different app-stores. Getting Started with Xamarin.Forms: Basics To use the PCL version of Xamarin.Forms, you need to use PCL Profile 78, which includes support for .NET Framework 4.5+, Windows Phone 8 or later, Windows 8, Windows Phone Silverlight 8, Windows Store apps (Windows 8), Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.iOS. It speaks for itself that you'll also need the Windows Phone SDK. Adding a Windows Phone Project to an Existing Xamarin ... From the dialog, choose Visual C# -> Store Apps -> Windows Phone Apps -> Blank App (Windows Phone Silverlight) Create the project in the existing solution folder, and give the project the extension .WinPhone (this is optional, but adheres to what the Xamarin.Forms wizard would have created).

13.03.2018 · After that your new Xamarin.Forms will be load with default MVVM pattern which will have three folders name like Models, Views, ViewModels. So remove all files inside that folders and later we will add our own files in this article. 2. How to create RadioButton in Xamarin.Forms app? Porting existing .NET apps to Android | Xamarin … 02.10.2013 · In my previous blogpost on Porting Existing .NET apps to iOS, we looked at a step-by-step approach in porting an existing Silverlight application Diet Calculator to Xamarin.iOS. In this post I will take a similar approach to what we did in the iOS porting sample to build the same app for Android phones using Xamarin.Android. How to Build a Freaking Xamarin Forms App - … 18.08.2017 · Take this complete guide to Xamarin.Forms and learn to create a full Xamarin.Forms app that uses XAML to define the interface, that uses the NavigationPage t... How to create a Xamarin.Forms Windows phone … 15.10.2017 · I would suggest doing a UWP app and targeting Windows 10 instead. However, if you do want to do a Windows 8.1 project. Make sure you download the Windows 8.1 SDK, then create a new Xamarin.Forms project. Then you will have to add a new Windows 8.1 project afterwards, and manually add the Xamarin.Forms Init code, in the project.

Windows Phone apps can only be developed on a Windows machine.

Sie erstellen sowohl ein neues Mobile Apps-Back-End als auch eine einfache Xamarin.Forms-Aufgabenlisten-App, die App-Daten in Azure speichert. You create both a new Mobile Apps back end and a simple to-do list Xamarin.Forms app that stores app data in Azure. Xamarin Tutorial (Part 1): Create a Blank App - Intertech Blog So, yes, you can create iOS applications on Windows using C#.NET. However, you will need a networked Mac running OS X Yosemite (10.10) & above with XCode 7 installed. You will also need to install the Xamarin.iOS tools onto the Mac. The best way to do this is to use the Xamarin Unified Installer, which will install everything you need. c# - Will Xamarin app run on windows phone? - Stack Overflow What is the best way to write for iPhone, Android and Windows phone ? If I'm writing in C# and using Xamarin will my app run on the windows phone as well ?