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1st Don’t optimize you memory, just exit applications when you don’t need them and the android system will clear objects from memory when needed. Optimizing only ...

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Samples | Android Developers This sample demonstrates how to use the Launcher Shortcuts API introduced in Android 7.1 (API 25). This API allows an application to define a set of Intents which are displayed as when a user long-presses on the app's launcher icon. How To Remove Virus & Fix Errors On Any Android Device… Don't Forget to be The COOL GUY Who Gives A Thumbs Up to this video|| Do Subscribe For more || Like|| Comment || Share !! Subscribe To…Android Apps Junction - YouTube channel is all about the Android apps. We will be uploading tutorials about the apps. YouTube - Wikipedia

22 Jul 2019 ... How to play YouTube in the background on Android and iOS ... Closing the YouTube app will stop the video from playing, but there are a few ... How to play YouTube in the background | AndroidPIT 18 Jan 2019 ... Want to play YouTube videos in the background on your Android device? ... us to watch YouTube a certain way (perhaps to keep us focused on the ... YouTube videos will continue to run even when the screen is turned off or ... How to keep YouTube videos playing in the background on ... 3 Jul 2019 ... Then you should check out this nifty trick that lets you play YouTube ... How to keep YouTube videos playing in the background on Android. Play YouTube audio in background on iPhone: Simple trick ... 25 Feb 2016 ... To force YouTube audio to keep playing in the background, open up the relevant video and start it playing. Then press the home button so that ...

2nd method : IF the user is non rooted android and u want to run an app on th background . use SL4 script in the background form the app. use a script that will do you background checks and programs and write the front end to show something else. Eg: In most game engines this is in built. They connect to server s even though the user turned off How to fix YouTube app Crashing on Android Here are a few ways to fix the YouTube app crashing on your Android: 1. Restart and resolve: As the title suggests, you need to restart the device and this step may resolve your issue if there were too many applications running in the background, clogging the space on the phone, however, if the issue persists, you need to try the other steps as 8 Best Apps to play Youtube on the background … 20.06.2018 · For continuous listening, you have to find a way how to keep the program running. There are several ways how to do that and consume content on YouTube in the background. Today we’re going to look at the apps for Android and iOS that allow you to play YouTube in the background.

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29.03.2019 · How to Keep Apps from Running in the Background on Samsung Galaxy. This wikiHow teaches you how to stop apps that are running in the background on a Samsung Galaxy. Though it's easy to close apps, there's no way to prevent them from... How to Stop Android Apps from Running in the Background So above was all about How to Stop Android Apps from Running in the Background. Use this method and stop all the android apps that just eat up your RAM while running on background and making your device slow. So try this out today. And hope you like this tutorial, keep on sharing. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this. How To Stop Apps Running in the Background on Android P 9.0 Knowing how to stop apps running in the background on Android P should be a must know for every and all android users. Especially users with phones that are guaranteed Update to the Android P when it is officially out. Or if you are already on the Android P beta. Apps running in the background drain not only your batte