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I need to store the PID of a process with a known name (MyApp) and kill any process NOT using that PID. (VB.net) Application Starts (MyApp) PID of 1234 assigned. Application is started again, so same name but with a different PID 1412. At this point I need to kill the second process, by Its PID. Thanks.

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The Future of Image in Drupal 7 [#513096] | Drupal.org Image module is being put into core, but not in it's current incarnation. Drupal 7 has already made several major improvements that will make handling images (and files in general) much easier, eliminating a lot of the existing code from… How do I kill a process by name, like this? I have a console app that also impersonates user X and can usually kill 3 of 7 processes that spawn. This used to work, but stopped working suddenly on a production server and I just can't sort it out. User X is the owner of both the process it is running as and the Chrome instances. My logs show only that the user does not have permission. Killing Processes from a Visual Basic Application - CodeProject The article shows one approach that may be used to display a list of current processes, and to single out and kill a single process based upon both the process name and its ID. One could also kill all instances of a particular process by killing all processes that match on name without giving any consideration to the process ID. The approach shown allows for singling out specific instances of a process and killing it without taking down all other matching processes.

Process::Kill() - C++ Forum - cplusplus.com So at first, you have to determine the id of any process you want to kill. so if you want to kill notepad.exe you have to get the id (or ids) of any process named notepad.exe. then you either kill every process with this name or display the id for the found processes and let the user choose which one to kill. VBA Tips & Tricks: How to Kill the Word Process using VBA 08.04.2009 · How to Kill the Word Process using VBA Developers who are working on Word VBA would have experienced the Word Crash problem more often. Here is a crude way to kill the Word process. Identify and Kill Process | The ASP.NET Forums ASP.NET Forums /.NET Languages / Visual Basic .NET / Identify and Kill Process. Identify and Kill Process [Answered] RSS. 8 replies Last post Jul 09, 2010 06:38 AM by nawazhi ‹ Previous Thread | Next Thread › Print Share. Shortcuts. Active Threads; U ...

Title Terminate a process immediately - VB Helper This example's download contains two projects. The Target project is a simple application that catches its QueryUnload event and refuses to unload unless it's the ... visual-basic-6 - How to kill a particular process forcibly | DaniWeb For my project, i have to kill a Java.exe process of a particular application forcibly( i have other application runs on java.exe- i should not kill it). Can somebody ... How to kill a process by the description not its name - Visual Basic .NET

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Terminate process by exe name-VBForums I would like some code that will terminate a process if i know its exe name. How to Kill Multiple Processes (Tasks) by Name using VBScript ... How to Kill Multiple Processes (Tasks) by Name using VBScript? January 6, 2017 No Comments programming languages , VBA , vbscript Let's say if you have opened quite a few tasks and you decide to close them all at once without manually close them one by one, or kill each process in Task Manager one by one. VB.NET How to Kill a process from your project - YouTube